Automation Robot Kits for Arduino Solar Charging


ESP32 Automation Robot Kits for Arduino Solar Charging Best Selling Consumer Electronics Artificial Intelligence Smart Robot Kit

Automation Robot Kits for Arduino Solar Charging


Purchase Note

The kit is without batteries, and the battery is sold separately, and the battery type is 18650 3.7v, with no capacity limit, there is a link and QR code for downloading instructions on the manual.

Effortless Wireless Video Control

With the ESP32 CAM WiFi module, you can effortlessly control and monitor your Arduino programmable robotic kit from your cell phone or PC, using real-time video streaming for seamless remote control.

No-Soldering Circuit Assembly

Enjoy a hassle-free assembly process with our no-soldering circuit design. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced maker, you can put together your robotic kit without the need for soldering skills or equipment.

Comprehensive Assembly Manual

We provide a detailed assembly manual to accompany your kit. It guides you step by step through the assembly process, ensuring a smooth and frustration-free setup, even for those new to robotics.

Solar Charging for Sustainable Power

Our kit comes equipped with a 5V solar charging function, harnessing the energy of the sun to charge your 18650 battery, providing a renewable and eco-friendly power source for your devices or projects.

Endless Creativity with Arduino Programming

Your robotic kit is Arduino programmable, opening the doors to endless creative possibilities. Develop custom code and explore various applications, from educational projects to advanced robotics endeavors.

The difference between these three kits

Empower your journey into robotics – choose what you need the most.

Expandability Beyond Limits

Our product offers high extension capabilities, allowing you to customize and expand your Arduino programmable robotic kit for a wide range of applications. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Know More About These Three ESP32 Kits

Say goodbye to app downloads and hello to seamless web control with our ESP32-CAM Robot Kit! With this innovative feature, accessing and controlling your robot is easier than ever before. Simply connect to the same Wi-Fi network and navigate to the designated web address – no app store downloads required. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a beginner, the intuitive web interface ensures effortless control and customization. Elevate your robotics experience with the ESP32-CAM Robot Kit and discover the future of web-connected control today!

ESP32 CAM Solar

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ESP32 CAM Basic

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ESP32 CAM Upgrade

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Please Note

This product does not include batteries.

Battery Specifications:

Battery Type: “Button Top” or “Flat Top” batteries

Model: 18650

Voltage: 3.7v

Capacity: No limit


To power this kit, customers are required to purchase two 18650 batteries separately from another seller.

Product Features:

Control camera lighting PTZ function; WiFi cell phone/PC video remote control cart function (external antenna); 5V solar charging real-time voltage monitoring function.

WiFi cell phone/PC video remote control function (external antenna enhanced version); 5V solar charging real-time voltage monitoring function.

2. Moderate assembly difficulty: no soldering circuit, easy-to-insert terminal connections, with an assembly manual, clear and efficient completion of assembly.

With the assembly manual, the assembly can be completed clearly and efficiently;

3. High strength: sturdy material support

4. High extension: rich interfaces to extend other sensors and modules;

5. Basic Programming: Arduino code based on C language.

6. Novel function: combine Esp32 cam and Arduino to realize multi-function wifi control.

More Detailed Description

*01. Configured with a three-way high-precision tracking module, no need to adjust; fully meets the introductory patrol function learning.

*02. Ultrasonic detection module and servo with the servo steering drive ultrasonic module to scan around the obstacles, through the calculation of the left, in front of the right side of the three directions of the distance of the obstacles, the realization of obstacle avoidance and automatic bypassing, not only learning ultrasonic ranging but also learning the knowledge of the servo PWM signal control.

*03. Using the ultrasonic module ranging principle, measure the palm in front of the body distance position, plus program algorithms to let the palm sensors intelligent car automatically follow the forward or backward.

*04. Realize ESP32 CAM by connecting to the network through a web APP, and having LED lighting function on the main control board.

*05. Connect the external antenna through the web APP so that the wifi transmission and reception signals are greatly enhanced; ESP32 CAM camera module to realize real-time transmission of images from the camera, and you can use your cell phone to remotely control the direction of the car.

*06. 5V solar charging PTZ utilizes the principle of a photosensitive resistor combined with a solar charging module to realize the charging function for the 18650 battery of the smart cart.

*07. Equipped with a digital display voltmeter, and real-time voltage monitoring, when the voltage is lower than 6V through the fluctuation switch, start the solar charging module to charge a single 18650 battery, to avoid battery scrap due to low voltage.






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