Automation Equipment Kit for Arduino


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Automation Equipment Kit for Arduino


Purchase Note


This robot is without batteries, and the battery is sold separately, and the battery type is 18650 3.7v, with no capacity limit, there is a link for downloading instructions, if you can’t find it, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ideal for Beginners:

Our product is tailored for beginners, providing a user-friendly platform to embark on your learning journey. Whether you’re new to electronics or programming, this kit offers a supportive and accessible entry point for honing your skills.



Versatile Compatibility:

Explore the world of programming with ease through compatibility with both Arduino and graphical programming. This flexibility allows users to choose their preferred programming method, catering to a diverse range of learners and ensuring a smooth and adaptable educational experience.



Learning Programming Project Model:

Move beyond theoretical knowledge by turning our product into a dynamic learning programming project. Engage in hands-on exploration of programming concepts while building a functional model that showcases your growing expertise. It’s a practical and immersive approach to mastering programming skills.



Mobile Phone Control:

Experience the future of robotics by connecting our product to mobile phone control. Compatible with both Android and iOS systems, this feature adds an exciting dimension to your projects, allowing you to interact with and control your creation directly from your smartphone.



Comprehensive Learning Support:

Dive into the learning process confidently with our product’s detailed tutorial instructions and provided source code. Every step of the way, from assembly to programming, is guided by clear instructions. This comprehensive support ensures that you not only build a captivating project but also understand the principles behind it, fostering a deeper understanding of programming and electronics.



Self-Balance Robot Car Kit


Product parameters



●Working voltage: 5v


●Input voltage: 7-12V


●Maximum output current: 2A


●Maximum power consumption: 25W (T=75℃)


●Motor speed: 5v 200rpm/min


●Ultrasonic induction angle: < 15 degrees


●Ultrasonic detection distance: 2cm~400cm


●Bluetooth remote control distance: 10~50 meters


●Servo motor angle range: 0~180°\0~360°



Product Features


●Multi-function: balance function, carrying function, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, and following Bluetooth control function;


●Easy to assemble: no need to solder the circuit, the terminal connection port is easy to install and assemble

Manual, clear, and efficient assembly;


●High strength: solid material bracket, metal base plate, high-quality 333R/MIN deceleration DC

Machine with Hall encoder;


●High extension: rich interfaces to expand other sensors and modules


●Basic programming: the codes based on C language



Ultrasonic Obstacle Avoidance


The ultrasonic obstacle avoidance function enables the robot car to follow specific objects or people while avoiding any obstacles in its path


Bluetooth Remote Control


It can be connected to the mobile phone APP through Bluetooth to realize a variety of control functions


Smart Balance Function


The car is balanced by a gyroscope three-axis acceleration module


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Communication method


Camera Equipped


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