Walk Behind Scarifier


2 in 1 Walk Behind Scarifier, Lawn Dethatcher Raker Cordless Electric 40V 4Ah 14.2-inch Rake Path with Collection Bag for Yard

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  Walk Behind Scarifier


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  1. PERFORMANCE SPECS – This 2-In-1 Scarifying, Raking and Lawn Dethatcher is powered by an All Electric Motor with two 20V 4Ah rechargeable batteries; Use the Scarified function to cut grass roots for thicker growth for a healthier lawn; Designed with a Adjustable Deck for tailored raking depth up to 14.2 inches wide, with the 5-position depth control mechanism
  2. BUILT TO LAST – Lightweight, ergonomic and balanced design will help you move freely with professional quality and maximum control/comfort; Our Air boost technology with spring Steel tines for maximum thatch pickup and life the endurance; Included is a detachable thatch collection bag for easy disposal
  3. ECO-FRIENDLY – (Green and Safe), unlike gasoline-powered devices, electric-powered units produce no smog/fumes/emissions and are both gas and exhaust free, while being quieter when compared to gas powered units
  4. EXCELLENT POWER SOURCE – Our system utilizes 20V 4Ah batteries to power our all electric Scarifier/Lawn Dethatcher; This unit will greatly amplify your freedom, we assure that each battery is lighter, more powerful, and lasts longer


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